KD Khara

by architaraz

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Inspired by Akimoto, but the result turned out to be similar to its original, so I'm not quite proud of this, just a test to see what's possible on FS at this scale.

Info: Created on 6th February 2013 . Last edited on 13th February 2013.
License Creative Commons
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awesome 10/10
Comment by regular_one 7th February 2013
Wow - love it. 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 7th February 2013
Great font! Reminded me of Akia and its inspiration, Akimoto.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 7th February 2013
Thanks, everybody!
@Yautja: Thanks, and Khara is inspired by Akimoto. I'll make it clonable once I finish the numbers and some punctuation.
Comment by architaraz 7th February 2013
Wow! Pretty fatty slab! (Btw, I was working in something like this font... Really convergent thinking this time!).
Comment by elmoyenique 7th February 2013
Comment by elmoyenique 7th February 2013
... See the H, J, K, L, N... They are almost identical!
Comment by elmoyenique 7th February 2013
Love the sketches.
Comment by demonics 7th February 2013
@elmoyenique: I like how you guys make sketches before fontstructing, I on the other hand, just play with fontstructor until smth with potential comes up. All slab fonts will eventually have some common looking elements, but that's okay. I think your sketches are very pretty, and you should give it a shot.
Comment by architaraz 8th February 2013
Awesome slab! 10/10

@elmo And love the sketches, too.
Comment by cablecomputer 8th February 2013
Must admit, I'm like architaraz ... I do my designing straight on FS. I always think I ought to try sketching ideas out first, but I guess I prefer the organic feel of seeing a design grow on the screen.
Comment by p2pnut 8th February 2013
@architaraz: I the same too XD. Save work ;)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 8th February 2013
I'm kind of half and half. A lot of the time I sketch out a font in a graph notebook, but sometimes I don't want to leave the computer to get it, and I create the font without the notebook. At the computer, I often come up with better solutions for some things than I could in the notebook.

Awesome fat slab font. 10/10
Comment by ETHproductions 8th February 2013
Very nice font too! @ETH: Sorta the same thing here, i'm lazy.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 8th February 2013
I've finished numbers, it's clonable now.
Comment by architaraz 9th February 2013
That's some serious serif. Can also be used as weapon. Win.
Comment by thalamic 9th February 2013
Sturdy and strong, but friendly and light-hearted.
Another good one, arch.
Comment by fugitiveglue 13th February 2013
Just perfect !
Comment by darkseeid 16th March 2013

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