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This font can be used to create an EAN-13 barcode which is a superset of the UPC-A barcode.

How to use

EAN-13 has 3 symbol sets A, B, and C. It looks like the following: *XXXXXX#CCCCCC*

  • * start/end bar (as common for Code 39)
  • # middle bar
  • X a symbol of set A or B (see below)
  • C a symbol of set C

Symbol sets

The symbol sets are placed on an international keyboard layout:

  1. Number row: 1234567890
  2. Middle character row: asdfghjkl;
  3. Top character row: qwertyuiop

The first digit of an EAN-13 barcode does not directly correspond to a symbol. It determines which symbol set for the following 6 digits is to be used. The following listing shows the symbol set combinations for the starting digits:


If the starting digit is 0, or if you want to encode a UPC-A, only use symbol set A.


The spaces are only inserted for clarity.

  • EAN numbersymbol setWhat you type with the font
  • 2 012345 67890 3 → *AABBAB#CCCCCC* → *01sd4g#yuiope*
  • 2 230154 67890 1 → *AABBAB#CCCCCC* → *23;a5f#yuiopq*
  • 9 786789 12345 1 → *ABBABA#CCCCCC* → *7kh7k9#qwertq*
  • 9 789876 12345 7 → *ABBABA#CCCCCC* → *7kl8j6#qwertu*

The above examples contain all symbols, try them.


For detailed technical information download the GS1 General Specifications.

If you need other barcode fonts, just check my other FontStructions

Info: Created on 9th November 2012 . Last edited on 12th November 2012.
License Creative Commons
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Many thanks for this - I have been doing some work encouraging teachers to do some work on barcodes as part of computing lessons and I was looking for a means of creating an incorrect barcode, eg wrong check digit, two transposed digits, etc. to illustrate the auto-checking that is carried out. I also found your explanation of how EAN-13 codes are constructed really helpful and fed that into my training. A great piece of work, thank you!
Comment by zzzsleep 21st June 2015

Many thanks as this is so far the clearest explaination on how to encode an EAN-13 barcode.

Comment by sapphireone 5th April 2017

Cannot find the font on Excel or even on the C\windows\fonts folder after installing it or even drag it on the folder. Why ??

Comment by Ventolineman 25th August 2017

If you want to use this font with EAN codes written as digits you can transform them to use with this font with my little program:

[link removed]

I ensure you, that program works also with another EAN codes, not only with the ones beginning with 71413128 :-).

Comment by Stipa2 3rd September 2018

@barcode Sorry for removing your link. If you want to link to your software that’s no problem, but please link to the URL of a clearly identifiable webpage, not an anonymous sharing provider. Other users need a clear idea of where they are heading when they click on a link on the site. Thanks!

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 4th September 2018

You really saved me with this font. It's an excellent solution for InDesign barcoding, and unlike even paid plugins, it supports data merge automation alongside InDesign's native QR-codes.

Sharing back: here's the Excel file where I automated transformations from the original number to the encoded string ready to be formatted with your font. Hope it saves a couple more steps for users of the font. 

Comment by oksidor 29th January 2019

I have a different program, we are using for ISBN barcode a very old small program, that runs only on WIndowx XP. I am looking for substitue or for some alghorytm to do the same convertion, but no luck so far. 

What the program give as an output is as follow:

I am entering a number 788211014955, and the program gives me: *!8I2B1A-bejffh!

The program has selected EAN13 when converting.  But as you can see the output is different that presented in this article. Does anybody know what encodinf is this, and how to create something in Excel for instance?

Comment by cnapan Tue, 15th September

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