Pixel Junkie

by ExtremeFontMaker

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I am finished! Please comment on this font, I am a very good font maker (which is why my name is what it is), but I don't get many votes and nearly no comments at all. I have also never had a top pick before (Meek, hint hint!) XD oh well, vote and/or comment!
Info: Created on 20th August 2011 . Last edited on 25th August 2011.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 20th August 2011
It certainly does look pixelly, so you got that down. a couple small notes is that the capital J connects with other letters, so IJ looks like U. Also Capital B is wide on one side which is inconsistent with the other letters. Other then that it is not actually a bad font.
Comment by SkySonic 20th August 2011
Changes made. I hope you like it.
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 20th August 2011
I don't like making previews, I only have paint... I am only 12 years old as well...
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 23rd August 2011
Hey ExtremeFontMaker, I'm always happy to see young people making fonts on Fontstruct.

This is a good start, but keep working at it. Study other fonts you like and the ones that get Top Picks to see what is special about them.

Here are a few things you could improve on this font:
- Have a consistent height for the lowercase and uppercase letters. The J is a bit taller than the rest. The f, g, j, p, and q all have different length descenders.

- The left side of the B is noticeably thicker than the vertical parts of other letters.

- Some letters like v, w, and z look heavier or more bold than the others. Try to make them more consistent with the rest.

- The l and t are a bit shorter than the b, d, and k.

- The h looks really small. Try using the n and making the left side taller.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Keep working at it and your Top Pick will come some day.
Comment by aphoria 23rd August 2011
Hi, I won't add to the good advice from SkySonic and aphoria, but would like to point you towards some free Image Editing programs that all offer quite a bit more than Paint:


This site gives quite a few free options (and good advice such as the warning about Gimp being quite difficult to learn).

Good luck :)
Comment by p2pnut 23rd August 2011
Umm... I am only 12, so I am not allowed to go on sites without mum or dads permission. I'll look at it, for sure!
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 25th August 2011
And I have used Gimp before, so i have 'some' expierience.
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 25th August 2011
I wonder if I am the youngest fontstructer today... I hope no one is like 7...
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 25th August 2011
My 6 and 8 year old girls have played around on fontstruct since they were 4 and 6, but they haven't released any public fonts...yet!
Comment by aphoria 25th August 2011
I'm 10...
Comment by BanjoZebra 25th August 2011
Just wondering... is your FS avatar made with my font Pixels Redefined? It looks a lot like it. You can check it out in Gallery and I also used it for my avatar!
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 27th August 2011
And actually, I think PurpleCoin is 8!
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 27th August 2011
I made a new font, called 'Minecraft Font'. It may not be open to the public yet...
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 22nd November 2011
Agent Demonic Ladybug:

Yes I did! one of the hearts when you look at it was from me too. I used Pixels Redefined as your icon font! Advertisment, dude.
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 23rd November 2011
I'm 10 :) And awesome pixel font!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th November 2012

13 now lol...time flies

Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st December 2015

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