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My new experiment in making a pixel font using a larger grid of blocks (13x11 px). I was aiming at a look that matches the retro feel of pixel fonts used in console games. It's still in development, so expect to see some minor changes, as well as the addition of new glyphs. I'm also still trying to come up with better versions of the punctuation glyphs. Minuscule lowercase letters are also planned. NOTES: For use at sizes which are multiples of 12px (12, 24, 48 and so on). For Flash usage, use multiples of 4. Derivative fonts are allowed, just respect the license. CHANGELOG: *26 May 2010 - changed the long W letter to an inverted M letter for consistency of font length and width. *14 August 2010 - added even more Basic Latin glyphs (only the lower case letters are still missing there), changed some symbols a bit, also added some More Latin typography, as well as partial Basic Cyrillic support. :) P.S. I might add more glyphs to this font in the future. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)
Info: Created on 1st April 2010 . Last edited on 19th September 2010.
License Creative Commons
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"Z" doesn't fit. Put on exactly the same method you used in "X".

Anyway, 10. The perfect font for a futuristic game from early DOS age.
Comment by Neoqueto 16th August 2010
Nice one here, Bravo.
Totaly agree with Neoqueto about the Z

Also the Э (CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER E) is to skinny compare to the rest of the alphabet

Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 16th August 2010
@Neoqueto & Upixel:
You're absolutely right, I'll fix the "Z" letter and try to redesign the skinny "Э (CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER E)".

To both of you:
Thank you so much for the good suggestions and the kind words!
Comment by sahwar 19th September 2010
There, the "Z" is fixed and I tried to improve the "Э". I also didn't like my "V", so I changed it to match the "W" letter's ^ (hut) ligature.
However, I began to question my own font! :D I need second opinions on the following:

1. I think that the Latin & Cyrillic "X" and "Z" may be a little too heavy (fat).
2. I also see the "W", "M" & "V" as somewhat skinny. Should I add 1 pixel to the ^ end of the "W" & "M" letters? Then again, that would ruin their integration with the new "V", hmmm...
3. On second thoughts, the comma "," and comma-derived glyphs look quite skinny at their bottom ("legs"), maybe I should fill that 1-pixel hole at the bottom of them... or not?! Hmmm...
4. Should I change the "Y" to mimic the current "X"?
5. Any other thoughts? :)
I appreciate all feedback - it's a font-saver. ;)
Comment by sahwar 19th September 2010

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