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This font is used in the MMORPG RuneScape (c) Jagex Ltd. It is the font seen in regular game chat (when bold). Note that the infinity symbol (∞) has been placed in the location of the trademark sign (™), because FontStruct does not provide an infinity slot, and RuneScape does not have a TM sign. For these same reasons, the twelve TzHaar numbers are in the first twelve Extended Latin B characters (ƀƁƂƃƄƅƆƇƈƉƊƋ). Note that ∞… and TzHaar numbers cannot be said in-game. The font contains all characters which may be said in RuneScape, all at 100% accuracy (with the exception of TzHaar numbers and ∞…). This font is intended for use in RS screenshot faking and RS videos. -------------------------- Note that simply selecting "Bold" with the ordinary font may lead to flaws, as the RS Bold 2 font is significantly different from the normal font. The normal font may be found here: The old (outdated) bold font can be found here:
Info: Created on 6th December 2009 . Last edited on 2nd February 2011.
License Creative Commons
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Note that I was forced to remove the left and right apostrophes and quotation marks, as not only can they not be said in RuneScape, but users of Adobe software CS4 and above cannot use the *real* RuneScape quotation marks and apostrophes. This is because Adobe software now auto-formats quotations and apostrophes as left or right even if you manually copy+paste them or use Alt codes, making it impossible to force the use of the real characters (as far as I have seen, nowhere in the font options or preferences can this function be turned off). In the interest of accuracy, I have thus removed the four characters, which are not in real RS anyhow. I have done this for all RS pixel fonts, although I have left my "Smooth" RS fonts alone.
Comment by WolfieMario 15th July 2010
Update as of 2-1-2011:

The glyphs have changed for the lowercase y and the Less-Than and Greater-Than signs (I cannot type them or the post won't go through due to being misinterpreted as invalid HTML, but I'm referring to the keys Shift , and Shift .).

I have fixed the spacing on these glyphs: G * X & = £­ È É Ê Ë ÷ Œ ~

I also added the No-Break Space (Alt+0160), which is identical to a regular space.

Also note that some programs may not be able to process the Soft Hyphen, Alt+0173, because they may use it as a control character. This makes it difficult to use in spite of how easily it may be said in RS.

Also note that you can no longer say ` § or ² (Grave Accent, Section Sign, and Superscript 2) because attempting to type them or use their alt codes will bring up the Developer's Console. However, I have an old note with these characters in them, so I can tell you they are still up-to-date in my font.
Comment by WolfieMario 2nd February 2011

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