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The thick font from the Megaman:BN games. This was the font used in the Folders and Library Menus.
Info: Created on 26th August 2009 . Last edited on 27th August 2009.
License Creative Commons
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Letters I didn't see while playing the game, (so I essentially improvised, and made my own):

X (upper-case)
j, z (both lower-case)

Every letter from the Latin alphabet (A-Z) uppercase, and lowercase, and all numbers (0-9) are available.

For the * (asterisk): press = (equal sign)
For + (plus sign): press + (plus sign)
For mini-slash: press / (solidus)

For MINI numbers (0-9):

0: ) (right parenthesis)
1: ! (exclamation mark)
2: @ (commercial art)
3: # (number sign)
4: $ (dollar sign)
5: % (percent sign)
6: ^ (circumflex accent)
7: & (ampersand)
8: * (asterisk)
9: ( (left parenthesis)

The MB, SP, and EX symbols are:

MB: ' (apostrophe)
SP: : (colon)
EX: ; (semicolon)

To render this font in the same size as it is in the video game (so that it doesn't get distorted), make sure it is in these sizes (or any multiple of these sizes):
-Internet (default): 1em, 16px, 12pt, 100%
-Paint: 10 (whatever the unit is in Paint)
-GIMP (and probably Photoshop, although I'm not sure): 16.0pt, 16px

You are free to edit and use this as long as you give credit to me, and do not claim as your own.
Comment by Metroid345 26th August 2009

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