Cyrillic for English

by frankedelphia

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My font for "transcribing" Cyrillic characters to their approximate Latin equivalents.
Info: Created on 26th July 2009 . Last edited on 8th August 2009.
License Creative Commons
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Oh Dear, oh Dear!

You can't just swap glyphs at will. It renders the text unreadible. I could not decipher "the quick brown fox jumps over...".
Let's start with the 3rd letter in your alphabet: Ч. Following your logic of "transcribing" it should be rather the Ц instead. (Ц = ts in Enlish, like in "sits, gets, tzatziki"; Ч = ch in English in words "chip, child, chop")
4th letter: Д, another poor choice. In some cases Д = D of English, like in the words "day, Dave, Madison". However, depending on which vowel follows it, it could be a somewhat softened sound with no English equivalent I can think of.
8th letter: Х. Again, this has no equivalent in English. It is somewhere between the H and K.
10th letter: Ж. This has the English equvalent in words such as "measure, pleasure, genre". So, it obviously doesn't really fit here. Well, I could go on until dawn. For more information see the chart in wikipedia ( It is a bit simplified, but a good start nevertheless.

Putting aside phonetics, I quite like some of your letters. The Э is very nice, and the diaeresis too.
Comment by Frodo7 7th August 2009
I am sorry that this upsets you so much. Unfortunately I am not a specialist. I am just a 14 year old kid. I also made this just to see how I could do making a Cyrillic version of Latin characters. I consulted many websites and resources. It is also based on "Renglish" and another Cyrillic modification on Latin. There are more details at I never said that this was the right way to change between alphabets, just that it is my version. I am sorry if it has upset you. Thank you for your input.
Comment by frankedelphia 7th August 2009
Upset me? Not the least. Nor was my intention to discourage you in any way. On the contrary. Keep up the good work, and learn as many languages as you can.
Comment by Frodo7 7th August 2009
Thank you so much. It is my dream to learn at least eight languages before I die. Unfortunately, I have a huge disadvantage because I was raised in the U.S. I wish it was more like Europe in its ways of language learning.
Comment by frankedelphia 8th August 2009
hey :)

what languages are you currently learning ? i live in australia , so i have a similar "disadvantage" to you , i suppose ... i've never known anyone who knows omniglot too , just made my day haha :D
Comment by nein 19th December 2009

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