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Info: Created on Tue, 14th January . Last edited on Mon, 27th January.
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Comment by BWM Tue, 14th January

Very well executed font. I like this more "traditional" style of glyphs, much more complicated to do than it seems at first view. Let me indicate a few points (IMHO) that could improve some of your solid designs: the leg of the R should be a little more inclined, like the K; the 4, B, P, R should appear a little wider for my liking; the second bar of the F must be a little bit longer; the L a bit narrow; posible optical increment for C, G, O, Q, 0, 8... Well, they are only my points, the font works fine. I've used too a mix of bricks to do some curves like your S in a non published font, I add you a sample.

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 14th January
Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 14th January
Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 14th January

@Elmoyenique Thanks! I also made the 4, B, P, and R slightly wider (without making them too wide). (Also made the angle of the leg of R the same as K…)

Comment by BWM Wed, 15th January

Cyrillic added! (I might use the Kratka above the И on the Latin letters as the Breve)

Comment by BWM Tue, 21st January

Nice! “Д” and “Л” look a little bit too wide for me and the so-called кратка seems a bit too big, but I like that serif on the letter “З”. It differentiates it from the number! I’m a big fan of this font. Well done.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Tue, 21st January

@TCM: it's called a [ru]kratka[/ru]? Hm.

Comment by Merrybot Wed, 22nd January


Pfff I don’t know. I’ve just heard other people calling it that. Понятия у меня нет!

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Wed, 22nd January

I thought I commented this, but FS ate it or something…

@"The_Con-Man" Thanks! Also made Д and Л narrower…

As for the kratka, I'm still trying for scale it 75% it's size legitimately and maintain thickness (no clipboard manipulation/custom sized bricks via Dev Tools)…

Comment by BWM Wed, 22nd January

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