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Work in progress

A cursive handwriting inspired style work.

Its a medium size faux-Bezier (fake curve) style approach with somewhat rough shaped outlines. I am having a serious hard time comming up with a uppercase set. Publishing it in this early stage I kind of hope to get some suggestions that might refreh my perspective on it.

Therefor I am curious about what you guys think so far...


Info: Created on Sun, 16th June . Last edited on Sat, 26th October.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 22nd October
Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 22nd October
Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 22nd October
Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 24th October

[Update Info] Oh yeah, I finally managed to build myself a single new additional uppercase initial character, it now includes a "Z" as well.

Don't worry, this is only gonna take for ever, thats all... Ill try to get it downloadable by next millennium. ;-)

Comment by Sed4tives Fri, 25th October
Comment by Sed4tives Fri, 25th October

The image above was written in two versions of the Dutch language.

The top part was just written in the Standard Dutch language.
The bottom part was written in a dialect called 'Zeeuws'. It is used mostly by farmers and small village communities in the south-western part of The Netherlands, in the province of 'Zeeland'. Where I live myself as well. The Dialect is essentially a old slang, a mainly spoken one. It slowly vanishes from existence, and is only still used by mainly elders or a hand full of true die-hard's.
But to somewhat modern person from my country it sounds so crazy funny when a person is speaking this dialect, and it is hard to imagine taking that person truly serious. lol

So don't bother questioning yourself what the heck that sample is saying, only a Dutch would really understand it.

It simply gave me a perfect excuse to proudly demonstrate my new uppercase initial.


Comment by Sed4tives Fri, 25th October

Really great progression here, Sed. I'm impressed by the sample sizes. That lowercase 'r' is so edgy and radical. Almost looks like a reverse 'r' but it doesn't really affect legibility. Looking forward to that uppercase. And respect goes out to you for honoring traditions.

Comment by geneus1 Sat, 26th October

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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