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I made in pursuit of cuteness.
This is for English and European languages only
There are no Japanese characters.

Postscript: The upper part of A was adjusted to "Δ" or "Λ".

Info: Created on 18th May 2019 . Last edited on 24th May 2019.
License FontStruct License
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Looks really good at pixel size.

Comment by KyYay 20th May 2019

I love it!. I recommend you smooth the top of the A too, liek the rest of the letters. It may take a bit of monkeying around with composites and stacking but it can be done.

Comment by jonrgrover 23rd May 2019


I changed the letter of A. What do you think.

Comment by yuzunoka 24th May 2019

The idea is very nice so far. I like those overall letterforms, it has cool hand lettering feel to it. When school was boring usually this kind of stuff got drawn into my organizer or a piece of paper! lol

If I can make some suggestions/tips, there are many small inconsistencies within your font right now.

To start with the inconsistent stroke weight/thickness for your various current diagonals. The stroke weight of these should roughly match the other strokes in your font design.
Even more so in the case of (most) outlined font design.
But unless you aimed for a rough handwriting style, like that of a felt-tip pen or a distinct rough handwritten permanent marker feeling, the majority of strokes should be about the same in thickness.

To point out a few characters, v and w both look thicker than should (so more bold) when compared to the rest of the font, whereas x on the other hand looks thinner (lighter)  than the rest of the font.

The next thing that bugs me is that not all corners are following the same set of design rules. Whereas most are softened or rounded, some are left painfully sharp and straight, adding to a more jagged appearance. I don't think you should soften everything though, since certain situations/characters just work better having these slight abrupt design accents.
But take for example "A M N vV wW xX" all these characters have one or more 'kind of' misfitting sharp or weird looking corners, that I think would greatly improve if would've been softened and fine tuned.

You can do this a number of different ways, but I  believe the most effective way to tackle this in small grid designs is by combining either one of the stadard circular/dot/circle segment bricks (or even a custom composite for more complex transitions) with overlapping slants to make a allignment (this requires nudging). The circular brick needs to be placed on the corners extreme(s) and functions as basic guide to map out the lines as well. The dot size for your brick of choice here depends on how sharp the corner needs to become. Bigger dot/circle brick = bigger radius = softer curves and vice versa. To maximize fuctionality working with fontstruct you might want to run the editor in "EXPERT MODE" which can be turned in the top right of the editors menu.

My apologies for bombing you with a ton of Fontstruct technical stuff, but I really appreciate the initial font you created, and feel like the potential gem hidden within it really deserves to be brought out. Polish it up a tiny extra bit here 'n there and this really could be great!  
Ps: Don't polish too much, U don't wanna spoil or undo that slight rough feeling of human touch it has right now!

If you need any additional help with Fontstructing just send me a message.

Oh and (I think) you forgot to smoothen the character - Gje (Ѓ)

Cheers :)

Comment by Sed4tives 24th May 2019


Thank you for the advice.
Make corrections as much as possible.

Comment by yuzunoka 24th May 2019

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