Personcom Sports Cherokee

Cloned from Personcom Sports by JOEY_TOYS_.

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What? I made a version with Chereeoke glyphs?

Info: Created on 7th January 2019 . Last edited on Sun, 12th January.
License Open Font License
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If I'm not mistaken, it's Cherokee, not Chereoke. Otherwise it's a nice addition to the original charset.

Comment by Cookielord 1st February 2019

You forgot to do Ᏼ and Ᏽ...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st February 2019

...and Ꭵ, Ꭿ, Ꮀ, Ꮂ, Ꮄ, Ꮅ, Ꮇ, Ꮈ, Ꮋ, Ꮌ, Ꮒ, Ꮔ, Ꮘ, Ꮙ, Ꮚ, Ꮛ, Ꮜ, Ꮞ, Ꮠ, Ꮦ, Ꮩ, Ꮫ, Ꮭ, Ꮮ, Ꮯ, Ꮱ, Ꮲ, Ꮳ, Ꮴ, Ꮵ, Ꮶ, Ꮷ, Ꮹ, Ꮺ, Ꮽ, Ꮾ, Ᏸ, and Ᏺ too...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st February 2019

Work in progress, will add remaining characters later

Comment by JOEY_TOYS_ 2nd February 2019

Not useless tho...

Comment by JingYo 2nd February 2019

There. That should be all of 'em.

Comment by JOEY_TOYS_ 2nd February 2019

@"JOEY_TOYS_" You still forgot two letters: Ꮅ and Ᏽ...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 2nd February 2019

That last letter doesn't seem to display correctly in my browser for some reason...

Comment by JOEY_TOYS_ 3rd February 2019

You mean mv: It is at u+13F5

Comment by anonymous-1520403 3rd February 2019

OK. It's all finished now

Comment by JOEY_TOYS_ 4th February 2019

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