Swastika Alphabet (PEACEFUL)

by bry_guy27

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Info: Created on 12th July 2017 . Last edited on 28th July 2017.
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How dare you...

Comment by Brynda 22nd July 2017

@Brynda: You're a damn fool. https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika. Notice the word "PEACEFUL" in the title.

Comment by Umbreon126 22nd July 2017

I dont think my school would allow this font...

Comment by Brynda 22nd July 2017

I created this alphabet to accentuate the different forms of Swastikas outside of the typically rendered Nazi Swastika, which could not be any further from the true meaning of a Swastika. I did so to show people how many Swastikas there are out there, and how diverse they can be, and to seek further information about them.

There is such a horrible stigma surrounding Swastikas, and I sought to help change that with this script, hence the "(PEACEFUL)" in the title.

The Swastika is a symbol of peace and harmony in almost every single culture in human history at one point or another. It can also be used as a religious cross in various sects of Christianity. The Nazi Swastika is used in vain against all prior uses of it and only serves to represent the Nazi-culture existing in this world and to describe their terrible hate speech and how extensively ignorant they are and that they should be ignored, since they don't even understand their symbol means something polarly opposite to what it is intended in their party.

This list sadly does not include every type of swastika, but I have done my best and I am working to improve and add new Swastikas in place of recurring ones.

Comment by bry_guy27 28th July 2017

Nicely done. I love your variation; and, I agree, about it being stigmatic. Most people don't even bother to research the true meaning of this symbol. In every ancient culture it represented the Sun, and still does. I included them in my font Dehuti (not a fontstruction), which, if you are curious, is in the Tibetan section of Unicode. Also, the Nazis fully understood its meaning, and turned it on its side to attempt to alter its power to suite their agenda. For them it represents the Black Sun, as all things have their polar opposites—this, by the way, could represent the newly discovered dwarf star/planet that orbits our system, as the majority of systems are, in fact, binary. Another great example is the cross of Christianity, which is actually the druid cross. If Christians wanted a symbol that truly represented Christ, it would be and X.


Comment by TCWhite 28th July 2017

It's difficult to look past 'recent' misuse of this symbol. I learned that it's an ancient symbol of eternal welcome and (spiritual) well-being and represents the sun, love, care and (circular) infinity. Namaste

Comment by nightpegasus 29th July 2017

I think it's highly unlikely that these are listed in a "Peaceful" way despite the early historical uses of the swastika. A man named Hitler, and my native country, permanently poisoned the swastika. It no longer carries a "peaceful" message whether you think so or not...it now carries the murder of more than 25 million human beings on its back. Still, I needed the font to write some anti-Nazi, anti-fascist and anti-Trump articles and I will use it that way. Your statement "There is such a horrible stigma surrounding Swastikas, and I sought to help change that with this script" is childishly ignorant, even if your motives are pure. You do not have the power to resurrect the swastika to mean anything other than what modern history and the vast majority of humans aware of that history assign to it.

Comment by HarleyT 28th July 2019

I can understand where you are coming from HarleyT, but you are very incorrect about many things in your message. I too am of German descent, my great grandfather was actually conscripted to work as a scientist for the Nazis. The only thing that has "poisoned" the swastika and Germany is the Nazi Party, their own specific symbolism (to which I left out of this font for very obvious reasons). Just like how the Neo-Nazi movement here uses forms of the Cross, the cross isn't what poisons the US but rather the ideology behind it. I created this alphabet to increase awareness and improve education regarding the symbol. This seems to have been lost on you. I'm not trying to reglorify the symbol or promote it in Western nations. For all intensive purposes, if you go to India, Tibet, China, Sri Lanka, any variety of those nations, or any traditional stores from those countries, you will find swastikas everywhere. In Hinduism, it's one of their main religious symbols, in Jainism it IS their symbol (both versions included in this font). If you're modus operandi is to lessen the spread of ideologies that expressed vast forms of hate in the past, then I'm sorry to tell you but you commented on the wrong alphabet. My cross alphabet on FontStruct is actually more representative of mass murders, mass hate, scientific oppression, among other things for millennia, instead of a brief period in Germany and residual movements worldwide. Also, to finalize this response, I think you should refrain from making very broad and unbacked statistics that you used in the end of your message. While most Europeans, and North Africans, as well as North Americans and SOME South Americans do know of the negativity, most of the world is actually unaware of the Nazi's use of the symbol as it is not included in most Asian and southern African school curriculums, seeing as a majority of the world's population lives in Asia, at least 50% of the world's population either is unaware of, or doesn't understand the singular negative connotation created by far right Nazi-esque parties.

If you don't like my font, then there's a very easy solution. Ignore it. Nobody said you needed to read it or agree with it, I knew it was controversial the moment I posted it.

Also, if you needed to use it for Anti-Fascist/Nazi/Trump articles, then you used the wrong font. No Nazi or Neo-Nazi party utilizes the swastikas I have included in this font (I did my best to only use swastikas not used by parties, hence why I left out the Golden Dawn swastika from Greece, the Nazi swastika from Germany, and several others). Most of them use the clockwise facing 45* turned swastika, or various forms of crosses. Neither of which I included for specific reasons that it should not be used for such purposes as speaking on a political level. This font is educational, if you want to use it politically then do so at your own will however do understand you are also acting to "poison" the swastika further by using it incorrectly.

If your native country was Germany, then be my guest to visit some of the very historic sites in the nation such as catherdrals and castles/palaces built long before the Nazi Party, you will most certainly find swastikas in the artwork if you look for them. Same as in England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Holland, and plenty of other nations that were brought under Norse rule at one point. If you go to Greece, you will find swastikas covering many ruins as well. The swatika itself is not poisoned, it is your perception of it that is which is something you have the power to change just as the other commenters on this page.

Originally posted: July 28, 2019
Edited on: July 29, 2019 (edits included expanding some explanations, as well as correcting a few grammatical errors)

Comment by bry_guy27 28th July 2019

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