Retro gamin, wasted matrix

by dpla

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Info: Created on 7th May 2017 . Last edited on 7th May 2017.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by dpla 7th May 2017

These samples come from my project of usable 'micro' fonts.

This documentation reminds the newcomer, kid -pun- or not,

to be thrifty in both dimensions, when designing '3x5' glyphs.

You can train / get convinced using the original image above:

#01 1234567
#02 A
#03 BCDE
#04 FGHI
#05 JKLM
#06 N
#07 OPQR
#08 STUV
#09 WXYZ
#10 [\]
#11 a
#12 bcde
#13 fghi
#14 jklm
#15 n
#16 opqr
#17 stuv
#18 wxyz
#19 {|}
#20 ~ (top right after 90° rot.)
N/A !"#$%&'()*+,-./089:;<=>?@^_`

Comment by dpla 7th May 2017

gaming, gaming, gaming,

Comment by Guywah 7th July 2020

Hi, Guywah.


NEWS from me below…


Hello back from Paris!


5-dot hex
6-dot hex
7-dot hex
8-dot hex
9-dot hex
12-dot hex
13-dot hex
16-dot hex
18-dot hex
(US-ASCII from 8-dots and above = fonts;
may be rendered as e.g. stitching works,
pseudo-isometric blocks, diagonal LEDS…;
18-dot hex features hundreds of glyphs…)



> ERE informatique: softwares
Most complete list, for all machines.

> Pixel art: diagonals and rotations
Images and FR/EN docs sorted as:
(retro coding and graphics history intended
– by postponing the low-res Voxel art section).


'My' minimalist _US-ASCII_ pixel fonts project
is pending 1. my latest version of these sets,
and 2. my updated list of the comparable works
(for instance a lot of old 8-bit video games)…

+ More works of mine related to these fields
(which often take years to me to be released
– unreleased samples may be posted in private).

See you all soon again!

Comment by dpla 8th July 2020

dpla! Haven’t seen you in ages!!

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN 8th July 2020

@TH3_C0N-MAN: you're quite right; glad to read you on FS.
I hope you are sill a good student, along with a passionate musician and retro coder. =°)


4 SELECTED SAMPLES should follow – all from these short-term projects of mine…
• 08-dot hex: “8-dot-tall-hex-us-ascii-font-2020-01-17-by-dpla-3d-700px.png”
• 09-dot hex: “max-5-block-solid-3x3-lowercase-2017-05-31-by-dpla-3d-700px.png”
• 18-dot hex: “3zx4-18-dot-diagonal-ascii-font-2019-12-by-dpla-feat-the-brain-1969-gaumont.gif”
• “pixel-art-diagonals-and-rotations-2019-01-30-till-09-11-by-dpla-01b-main-fig-neg-360px-x1-3gray-gma.png”.


Comment by dpla Wed, 8th July
Comment by dpla Wed, 8th July
Comment by dpla Wed, 8th July
Comment by dpla Wed, 8th July
Comment by dpla Wed, 8th July

@dpla - Nice to your return!  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal Wed, 8th July

@dpla - Sorry -- Nice to SEE your return!  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal Wed, 8th July


Actually, I finished school. I’m sitting at work right now! Still make music and code, yes.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Thu, 9th July

And your samples get better and better!

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Thu, 9th July

@TH3_C0N-MAN: great and encouraging semi-private news of yours!
(I'll try to log in FS again before 2050 – I might be dying then, while you'd be busy teaching fontstructions and code to your grand children…)

@Goatmeal & Guywah: thank you; I cannot comment elsewhere for the moment, as I had to postpone my reviews of the 'standard' very low-res pixel fontstructions…
(Historically speaking, their priority is **lower** in 'my' main project [for its documentation and comparison] than in the 1980s/1990s similar designs/trials. For example, I'll archive the 2×2-pixel digits from the old commercial video games at first; next, but without a scheduled date, all their clones or modern 'converging creations', like Guywah's recent “NTX_2x2” and a plethora of retro gamin' stuff/people.)


SAMPLE TRIO below – the 18-dot hexagonal design turned out to be the seminal one…
• “18-dot-tall-hex-3x4-alike-ascii-font-sample-2019-11-23-by-dpla-3d-700px.png”
• “16-dot-tall-pointing-down-hex-us-ascii-font-edit-from-18-dot-2020-01-24-by-dpla-3d-700px.png”
• “13-dot-x-cross-hex-us-ascii-edit-from-16-dot-2020-04-11-by-dpla-3d-700px.png”.

(Their fontstructions may be built one day… contact me for your derived works.)

Comment by dpla Thu, 9th July
Comment by dpla Thu, 9th July
Comment by dpla Thu, 9th July
Comment by dpla Thu, 9th July

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