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Hi! this typeface is made for my Typography final assignment. This typeface is inspired by one of Surabaya's most authentic food, which is sate kelapa/sate klopo/coconut satay(?)

The "curvy thing" at the end of every letter is inspired by the tail from one of Surabaya's most famous legend and mascot which is suro/sura/a shark precisely.

Feel free to give a comment/feedback. I'll really apreciate it :D

Thanks a bunch!

Info: Created on 22nd March 2016 . Last edited on 2nd May 2016.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by bellaviencencia 29th March 2016

nice font

Comment by liennn20 29th March 2016


Comment by nikitaolivia 7th April 2016

bagus font ny :) ujung"ny kyk lidah ular, ccok untuk tmn safari yg bgn reptil" 

Comment by kristina82 7th April 2016

Bagus font nya kreatif! 

Comment by Judith_Novia 7th April 2016

keren nikk!!

Comment by ornellaayu2306 7th April 2016

cool font nikk!

Comment by bellacornelia07 7th April 2016


Comment by vaniaseputra 7th April 2016

huruf kanannya H itu J ? gak keliatan kayak J

Comment by Hestiatrina9 7th April 2016

idenya bagus, keren, goodjob

Comment by Ivana H W 7th April 2016

astaga font ini lucu banget XD love it~

Comment by regina15143 7th April 2016


I think the "F" looks like capital "T" for a second.

Overall, nice work!

Comment by naomnaomi 7th April 2016

unique and consistent font! great job!

Comment by theresiamarseli 7th April 2016

lebar uppercasenya di samakan biar lebih enak lihatnya, trus huruf F kelihatan sepperti huruf T 

Comment by reyner_valiant 7th April 2016

good consistency actually :) But the letter 'F's ornament is to wide and you should extend both of the strokes there :)

Comment by Kevin Christopher (kevinchr_) 7th April 2016

Nice concept!
Try to adjust the letter width like C and D so that it will be proportional and well matched with A, B and the rest.
Well done!

Comment by cherlita 7th April 2016

wiiii fontnya lucu nikk, adaaa daun mudanya :D konsistensi nya udah bagus :D

good jobbb nik :D

Comment by pieterenaldi 7th April 2016

Looked so unique and nice :)

Comment by marcia42415176 7th April 2016

Lucu banget fontnya., ada buntutnya :D

Comment by feliciaamanda 7th April 2016

Huruf F sama I agak sedikit kurang cocok tapi bentukan fontnya sangat unik dan menarik.  Nice!

Comment by natalia devara 7th April 2016

well done! designnya unik dan representatif!

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 7th April 2016

Wih, hurufnya unikkk, fontnya suda konsisten. Good job! 

Comment by Arini dina yasmin (arinidina_15080) 8th April 2016

Greatttttt ! Sate banget huehehe

Comment by deandra15093 8th April 2016

Your "H" looks kinda wierd for me, but its still fun to look at! U did a good job! keep it up :)

Comment by cyntia15029 8th April 2016

Your "H" looks kinda wierd for me, but its still fun to look at! U did a good job! keep it up :)

Comment by cyntia15029 8th April 2016

bagus nik.. tapi huruf j nya kurang besar sedikit :) 

Comment by ameliajesica 8th April 2016

Nice fontruction overall.. At first I was confused with 'I' and 'J'.. I need try to type it to know what is it.. Maybe, just try to fix that letter so everyone can read it easily

Comment by alexan32 8th April 2016

Sudah bagus, tp ada beberapa huruf yg mdh kuarng konsisten ukurannya, huruf h dan k nya :D

Comment by yunitasalim 8th April 2016

pretty font!! very cultural looking:)

Comment by stefanithejapuspita 8th April 2016

Nice :D tapi huruf K nya masih kurang konsisten..

Comment by Celine Lawinata 8th April 2016

huruf "K" arm sama leg.nya tipis sekali ketimbang mainstroke.nya.. leg.nya "R" juga tipis banget.. huruf "I" dan "J" hampir mirip..

Comment by CynShin08 8th April 2016


Comment by vincensius billy 8th April 2016


Comment by jennmariana 8th April 2016

nice font :D

Comment by ElviChen97 8th April 2016


Comment by teresastephani 8th April 2016

good concept, but the I and J are likely the same

Comment by Carmelia 8th April 2016

Kerenn nik.. lucu wkkwk

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 8th April 2016

bagus..lucu nik

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 8th April 2016

keterbacaan huruf I dan J terlihat sama, tapi sudah bagus. goodjob!

Comment by Anita Sylvia 8th April 2016


Comment by Karensuherman 8th April 2016

cute typeface, good job! :)

Comment by verafaustina 8th April 2016

Unique! Goodjob!

Comment by kezialanita 8th April 2016

nice, and good job

Comment by katriel 8th April 2016

lucu cak kayak ada lidah-lidah ular e, tpi aku tau kok itu pasti serundeng nya kan

bagus nikkk

Comment by christiandenny10 8th April 2016


Comment by Felianaagustin 9th April 2016

apiiik nik

Comment by repratantra 9th April 2016

Mngkn judulnya lbh cocok sate ular sis? WAKAKAK bagus pol tapi e sis, sdh konsisten :")

Comment by ameliarahmannn 9th April 2016

Bagus dan unik, cuma lebih mirip ular daripada hiu wkwkwk...

Comment by RobbyGun 9th April 2016

bagus dan unik. Huruf I dan J agak kurang bisa terbaca secara langsung, tapi untuk lainnya sudah bagus.^^

Comment by FeliciaSujarwo 9th April 2016

i love it, so creative

Comment by katriel 9th April 2016

lucu poll nik, suka liatnya <3

Comment by Yuniawati98 12th April 2016

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