by PiotrGrochowski

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Change of SoftSegment. joined side segments, added vertical and diagonal.
Info: Created on 28th February 2015 . Last edited on 28th February 2015.
License FontStruct License
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acd abcd abcd cd! Nice job!
Comment by Max Pelican (Grandslammer99) 3rd March 2015
deb b dac cadg cabd deb cadg
b cabd g b cabd :)
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 3rd March 2015
Check out original SoftSegment to see more clones!
Comment by PiotrGrochowski 8th September 2015
Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 15th October 2017

I can't read this because of the dumb alpha channel.

Comment by PiotrGrochowski 16th October 2017

What do you mean? "Alpha channel"?

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 16th October 2017

Alpha channel is transparency. My browser is set to black background color so I can't see the transparent image.

Comment by PiotrGrochowski 18th October 2017

Oh, yeah! Well is it possible to get the bg color white? If not, I can re-post the image with a white background.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 19th October 2017

I don't like white background color. Yellow on black is simply my favorite color scheme.

Comment by PiotrGrochowski 19th October 2017

Well, I guess I'll have a yellow background.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 20th October 2017

I mean that I don't want to set a light bg color in browser because I don't like color schemes besides yellow on black.

Comment by PiotrGrochowski 21st October 2017

Oh, I see, you meant the site background. Well, I think I may change it to black too, if your suggestion about it on the forum gets accepted.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 21st October 2017

Here have a new backgrounded sample

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 21st October 2017

My suggestion in the forum is about text and background colors of the font previews, because it's unreadable if background color is overridden by black. I think black on transparent is bad.

Comment by PiotrGrochowski 22nd October 2017

Also see original SoftSegment (also Condensed and Oblique) and other HardSegment fonts.

Comment by PiotrGrochowski 22nd October 2017

Well, I didn't know that.. I mean until now. But yeah, black on black is meh-not-useful.

I saw most of your Hard/SoftSegment fonts, they're really good too.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 22nd October 2017

Have you seen all of them? Note that some of them are clones of clones, like HardSegment 13A which is a clone of HardSegment 12A.

Comment by PiotrGrochowski 24th October 2017

I think I at least previewed all of them and saw the ones I found interesting.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 24th October 2017

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