Digitype Circuit

by Superdoggy

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The sequel to my previous font, Outlinear Circuit. Compared to Outlinear, it's slightly easier to read but also runs a bit smaller. Includes three extra characters which were supposed to stop Autocorrect from changing the font in Microsoft Word, but they didn't seem to fix the problem. Enjoy.
Info: Created on 6th September 2014 . Last edited on 8th September 2014.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by Superdoggy 6th September 2014
I personally find this better. 10/10+fave
Comment by j4s13 6th September 2014
Thanks! I agree, this one's a bit better than my first font, although I still prefer my other one for headers. This one looks really good printed out at 22pt font with various text effects. Anyway, thanks for the rating and fave!
Comment by Superdoggy 6th September 2014
Ah, yes, thanks for those links. I've seen them both before - an interesting tool to have so many composite blocks. I have hesitated though on actually using these huge lists of blocks - it might make it hard to find what I want. But I have still used composite blocks (ones that I make myself) such as a super-thin centered line that you can see in the lowercase, or just simply a regular width centered line in the uppercase. Thanks for the links anyway though, even though I've already seen them! I suppose now I have easy access to them. :P
Comment by Superdoggy 7th September 2014
Comment by Superdoggy 7th September 2014
Has anybody else changed their internet font to a font they made with FontStruct? I have! To do this on Internet Explorer, click on Settings>Internet Options>Accessibility and select "Ignore font styles specified on webpages". Then click okay and select "Fonts". Webpage font is the one you want to change. Note that you must have your font installed on your computer to do this. Once you click okay, then okay again, the font that your browser displays should change to your font! :D
Comment by Superdoggy 7th September 2014
Love the letter glyphs with their arrangement of corners, squares and hexagons, they all work very well together and create a coherent modern look.

But I feel that many of the punctuation marks look like they belong to a different font? They are very spiky and built without using the hexagons seen in the letters. I admit that this difference in style seemed strange, like a 'break' in the continuity, when I first looked at the font. Nontheless, a refreshing design! Hope to see more of your work :)
Comment by Aeolien 7th September 2014
Aha! So you did notice the punctuation! The reason I did this was because I found that the punctuation in my first font kind of "blended in" and seemed a bit out of place, almost like they were supposed to fit but they didn't. However, the normal punctuation (such as period, comma, quotes) all have a hexagon or two, because those definitely shouldn't stand out. Anyway, thank you, I should have some more fonts shared soon.
Comment by Superdoggy 7th September 2014
@Superdoggy: I have changed my internet font to one of my own—Khnum.

—Intriguing font. I especially like your N's.
Comment by TCWhite 7th September 2014
Thanks. The N's did take a while longer, I was originally having trouble making them look like they fit. I guess I did my job there a little too well.

Saw your font - yikes, you've got a lot of patience for a single font! So many high quality characters!
Comment by Superdoggy 7th September 2014
Nice work.

I noticed that the small-cap 'v' doesn't reach the baseline.
Comment by p2pnut 8th September 2014
Thanks. And...hmm...yes, you're right. It's only half a block off though...and I'm not sure if it would look ugly/deformed if I extended it. Think I should keep it?
Comment by Superdoggy 8th September 2014
Actually, I took a second look at the v, and it really does look "off" in the preview. So I changed it. Look better?
Comment by Superdoggy 8th September 2014
I think it does look better :)
Comment by p2pnut 9th September 2014

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